ONLINE Xiangzhan Cheng: Contemporary Global Ecological Aesthetics

​Do 28/10/2021



Ecological aesthetic research is a cutting-edge academic field, with researchers mainly coming from China, North America, Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland and other parts of the world. There are eight positions of ecological aesthetics internationally in turn according to the time sequence of their proposition, namely the position of ecology, ecological art theory, phenomenology, ecological beauty, ecological existence, creating life (shengsheng) ontology, practical aesthetics and aesthetics of ecological type, etc. Briefly, ecological aesthetics is a transformation of aesthetics in the face of the global ecological crisis. It is a reconstruction of aesthetics in light of the particularity of aesthetic activities and its cultural functions on the basis of fully absorbing ecology and ecological philosophy, aiming to make aesthetics play its due role in the construction of ecological civilization.

Xiangzhan Cheng is professor of aesthetics, a deputy dean of the School of Literature at Shandong University, China and deputy director of Shandong University Research Center for Ecological Civilization and Ecoaesthetics.

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