Manfred Füllsack: “Ententionality”, Emergence and the Observer. A Review of Deacon’s “Incomplete Nature” on the Background of Suggestions by Mark Bedau and Heinz von Foerster

​Do 10/01/2013



This presentation will discuss implications of the recent proposal of Terrence Deacon to unify physical and human sciences by focusing on the constraints of matter – »the absent rather than the present« – thereby resorting to the emergence of morphodynamic from thermodynamic, and teleo­dynamic from morphodynamic processes. Deacon’s proposal will be reviewed on the background of Mark Bedau’s suggestion to define (weak) emergence in respect to computer-based simulation. And it will be questioned in regard to Heinz von Foerster’s invitation to consider the observer in each conception with aspiration to a Theory of Everything.

Manfred Füllsack: Universitätsprofessor für Systemwissenschaften am Institut für Systemwissenschaften, Innovations- und Nachhaltigkeitsforschung (ISIS), Universität Graz; Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Theorie sozialer Systeme, Netzwerk- und Spieltheorie, Theorien der Arbeit.