ONLINE Filipe Campelo: Cosmopolitics: What can we learn from Amerindian perspectivism?

​Mi 17/11/2021



lectures and dates in winter term 2021-22, via zoom (bitte um Anmeldung/please register unter:

Concepts like anthropocene and capitalocene have been used as normative responses to challenges linked to the ecological crisis. Taking this debate as a starting point, in this talk, I move that conceptual framework towards some insights founded in Brazilian Ameridian thought. Focusing on the works of the Yanomami Shaman Davi Kopenawa and Ailton Krenak, a leader of the Krenak Ethnicity located in Vale do Rio Doce, I highlight two contributions we can take from their works. Firstly, based on a specific meaning of translation, which Kopenawa calls “ethnographic pact”, I argue that it provides an interesting methodological insight to some problems posed by contemporary decolonial theories and standpoint epistemology. Secondly, they radically overcome the concept of reason as the domination of nature. I argue that such conceptual frame – which Viveiros de Castro calls “worlds of views” – can overcome obsolete notions of progress and universal reason through imagining a more pluriversal notion of cosmopolitics.

Filipe Campelo is professor of philosophy at the University of Pernambuco (Recife, Brazil). His research interests are social and political philosophy, critical theory, German idealism and aesthetics.