Braided Memories – Memorias Trenzadas

​Fr 05/06/2020



Ein Vortrag von Majorie Agosin in englischer Sprache

The book is called Braided Memories, published by Solis Press in the UK in 2020.

This collection illustrated with the images of Samuel Shats, tells of Helena Broder (Marjorie Agosin great grandmother ) her escape from Vienna in the night of the broken crystals and her final refuge in Valparaiso Chile. With the evocative power of poetry, Agosin describes her journey, her escape, the world and the people she left  behind and the way in wich she found home in South America specially Valparaiso.

This collection speaks of migration. fortitude and the will to live. Also it has a short video that depicts Samuel Shats work.

Marjorie Agosin is an internationally acclaimed poet and has won numerous awards for her human rights work. She is a professor of literature at Wellesley College Mass.