ONLINE Àngels Canadell Prat: LANDING

​Do 13/01/2022



The civilization crisis we’re living is the result of the separation between humans and nature, in which the technological instrumentalisation has taken the place of collective wisdom.

Only a change in our perception of our place in the cosmos’ balance and an inner transformation can cause a change in direction, a turn that allows us to land again and give way to healing processes. 

This entails letting go the myth of progress and creating new narratives that show limits to our desire for expansion. It also entails leaving behind the manipulation of reality to rediscover the balance between person and tool, between thinking and feeling, between action and contemplation.

The non-modern cultures have maintained the human-nature balance for centuries. They consider human beings to be guardians of the Earth, not their owners.  We can still learn from their wisdom and delve into our own traditions, to connect with the memory of places and with the capacity to take care of the communities that live there.

Àngels Canadell Prat is professor and researcher at the University of Barcelona. She is acting member of the networks “Filosofia della terra” (ISIS) and UNITERRA, and co-autor of “Habitar la ciudad (Ecología)”, 2010.

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